Available Originals


Downhill Run - Mangawhai

 Mangawhai Sand hill is a great spot for an early morning walk. At the top it is lovely and peaceful an ideal place to stop and take in the surrounding beauty before heading down to start the rest of your day 

Original Available - $1,750.00

Prints - No

61cm x 92cm 


Afternoon Glow

 Mangawhai Head's beach can certainly turn on some amazing sunsets this one was a real show stopper. With the meeting of the sea mist and the soft tones of the setting sun the beach and surrounding area was bathed in a wash of pinks greys and gold's. People stood and watched in amazement with the stunning display nature gave us that night. 

Original Available - $895.00

Prints - Yes

76cm x 50cm


Little Delight

 Ocean Beach is not far from my home and is a place where I can go walking to gather inspiration for my work. On this particular day the light filtering through the waves created a beautiful hue of blues and greens which caught my attention and well worth painting for others to see 

Original Available - $295.00

Prints - No

60cm x 20cm